Memes Make My Day

Quite frequently, these days on the internet, you come across meme comics, and they never fail to make you laugh. Many a times, they contain such fundamental truths and basic actions that we do in life that go unnoticed. And looking at them you think ‘ this is totally me’. All the drawings are so simple yet contain such emotions that any reader is able to relate to them. My personal favourite is the ‘Okay’ meme. 

The sad, frowning face, dejected and uncared for.Makes me a bit sad sometimes too. Again, the thing that strikes you is the simplicity of the drawing and yet the vast emotions it beholds. The ‘Forever Alone’ meme is also full of emotion. A lonely face with no friends, and that is how he has accepted his miserable life.

But then there’s the classic ‘Troll’ face itself, always meddling around with people and annoying them, with that constant grin on his face and the sarcastic comment he always passes after making someone his victim; ‘Problem?’

Troll dad is a real favourite these days as well, with the same grinning face except with a smoke pipe and a hat to make him look like more of an adult. Usually trolling his son, he never fails to make us laugh.

These comics with their hilarious humour can make anyone laugh, at least such is the case with me, I can’t say for the more intellectual of the society. They sometimes even leave me laughing at myself  when I find I have so much in common.No matter how sad I may be , they always make my day. Which are your favourite memes? Looking forward to you comments and opinions.

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